THe Harbour Club Chelsea: Amida Spa Review

I love the concept of spas as a wellbeing experience; to help you relax and unwind, and to groom you with treatments for healthy skin, body and mind. However, especially as I’m not much of a water baby, I can find it quite tiring spending a lazy day on a humid poolside.

With a hectic work and training schedule though, a few hours and an amazing treatment at the Amida Spa, part of Chelsea Harbour Club, was exactly what I needed to revive myself.

The Spa

I’d never visited any Amida Spas before as they are exclusive to Harbour Clubs and selected David Lloyd Clubs. Amida Spa at Chelsea Harbour Club is complete with a spa pool with heated loungers, saunas and steam rooms, and an aroma room, as well as showers and ice to invigorate you following a thermal experience. The spa also features a hydrotherapy pool, but this was undergoing renovation during my visit.

My favourite part of the spa was the gorgeous therapy and treatment area. As well as a corridor full of cosy, private treatment rooms, there is a light and airy reception area showcasing some divine products, as well as a nail bar and pedicure area.

The Treatment

While I was visiting the spa, I was treated to an Alpha H Intensive Brightening Facial*. When I had particularly problematic skin I had started using Alpha H Liquid Gold, which I found to work like a dream and it became one of my all-time favourite skincare products. So, knowing that Alpha H products are of a really high quality and were well-suited to my skin, I was excited to experience more of what their products had to offer.

The treatment is described as:

“a potent corrective treatment which uses fruit acids, enzymes and anti-oxidants to restore radiance, elasticity and luminosity to sun damaged and hyper pigmented skin.”

As I’m still suffering from some hyperpigmentation caused by bad acne over the past couple of years, this was perfect for me.

Step one of the treatment was all about relaxation; deep breathing and the inhalation of beautiful essential oils, which was really calming.

Following this, Alpha H products were used to cleanse and exfoliate my skin. I remember thinking how amazing they smelt; so clean, delicate and fresh. Usually at this stage, a glycolic acid peel would also be applied to the skin, but as I had some indication of skin sensitivity, my therapist mindfully decided it wouldn’t be best suited for me.

Next, a mask was applied. Over this, my therapist layered clingfilm and a warm towel to help to open my pores, allowing the mask to work as deeply and effectively as possible. It was a really weird sensation initially but highly beneficial. While the face mask was taking effect, I experienced a relaxing arm and hand massage. I didn’t realise until I had a hand massage that my hands were so tense or could benefit so much from such a simple treatment. It felt amazing!

Finally, my treatment was completed by removal of the mask, and application of intensely moisturising serums and creams.

My therapist did a brilliant job of explaining the treatment to me before starting, and provided thorough skincare practice and product recommendations following the treatment, which I found extremely valuable and loved how it made the experience even more personalised.

Next on my treatment wishlist is the 'Alpha-H Body Beautiful' Body Treatment.

The Club

I couldn’t visit the Harbour Club without getting a feel for the place, and I wasn’t disappointed. The Club was like a maze; deceptively large with many floors, doors and corridors to navigate and impressive facilities at every turn.

First, I took a peek at some of the 13 indoor tennis courts, which are what attract many of the club’s visitors, not least because, upon joining, all Members receive a complementary tennis assessment and are given a Harbour Club tennis rating to place them at the correct level for the club's coaching programme, leagues and tournaments. Impressive!

Of course, I was particularly keen to check out the fitness suite. Spread over 2 levels, one floor is dedicated to an extensive range of cardiovascular equipment, and another is kitted out with avariety of free and fixed weight equipment. Although it was under refurbishment during my visit, I was particularly impressed with this ultra-functional studio and would love to squeeze in a session with one of their 30-strong team of trainers at some point.

There are a great range of classes on offer in their sleek-looking class studios, which also includes a designated spinning studio and a dynamic pilates studio, impressively equipped with specialist equipment including reformers. It's must visit for anyone looking for a balanced workout to sculpt a strong and supple physique.

The Verdict

While I personally wouldn’t spend a day pool-side at a spa, combining a day of treatments and training at the Spa and Harbour Club would be my idea of heaven. The friendly and knowledgable staff provided an amazing service and I look forward to visiting again, especially to check out some of the freshly refurbished facilities.

Have you visited any Amida Spas, or had a chance to experience the amazing facilities at the Harbour Club?