Fly Flex Flow: New Sweaty Betty GF4F Campaign

The new Sweaty Betty Get Fit 4 Free campaign has arrived! It launches today (22nd January) and runs until 12th February. During this time you can head over to the Sweaty Betty website to access the workout videos, or head into store every Tuesday during the campaign to get your fit fix.

The Fly Flex Flow challenge is a three-part workout incorporating indoor or outdoor run intervals and skipping to get your heart racing, some body conditioning movements using light weights, and a relaxing yoga flow. 

I was lucky enough to experience the Fly Flex Flow challenge myself at Sweaty Betty HQ with the workout’s designer, SB Ambassador Annie Foulds.


I am in no way a keen runner, and wasn’t initially sold on the idea of freezing outdoor run intervals, but if they went some way to getting me a body like Annie’s, I was damn well going to give them my best shot! Although I couldn’t wait to get back indoors, I actually really enjoyed the flat-out sprints and know that if I was doing this workout three days a week like SB recommend, I would definitely see some improvements in my endurance.


This section was a combination of exercises covering your full body. I think this section is a great introduction to come really effective exercises that can be perfected and progressed to sculpt your body. While I’m used to heavier weights than SB’s 1.5kg dumbbells, I still experienced a serious shoulder burn when Annie got us doing arm circles!


Finally, renowned yogi Jo Arthur guided us through a short yoga flow and Savasana, which was really relaxing.

Overall, I think that this trio of exercise elements is a really good way for Sweaty Betty to kick-off the new year.

It’s great to give you the chance to find out what aspects of your body could benefit from a little improvement, or to introduce you to a new exercise discipline.

If you give Fly Flex Flow a try, let me know how you get on!