The Products that Changed my Health & Fitness Journey + Four-Year Giveaway


Four Years of The Blonde Ethos

I started writing a fitness blog when I made the decision to study for a degree, and I thought that starting a blog would be a great way to get back into the habit of writing and having a project to work on.

I had no idea that it would become so much more than that.

I’m now celebrating four years of writing The Blonde Ethos. (And running a massive giveaway to mark the milestone.. Read on!)

In those four years, The Blonde Ethos has evolved massively, from a place to document my own balanced lifestyle and discovery of various workouts and products, to what I hope you find to be a valuable resource for health, nutrition and training.

I’m really passionate about learning as much as I can about healthy living, and really, really passionate about passing my knowledge on to you, to help you find the same drive to learn about and better your body as I am lucky to have done.

I want to keep The Blonde Ethos authentic, honest and backed by science and experience. I also want to keep it evolving, so please let me know what you would love to see more (or less!) of!

Products That Played a Pivotal Role

Some of the health, fitness and nutrition products that I have come across in the past few years have played an especially pivotal role in my wellbeing journey, and I’d love for you to discover and benefit from them in the same way that I did. So...

I’m giving away a huge bundle of health, fitness and nutrition products worth over £400 to one lucky winner.

I’ve cherry-picked these items to ensure that only products and brands that I have used and loved are included. These are products that I recommend to people time and time again. As always, I won’t compromise where fit + healthy living is concerned! If you win you will recieve...

Gut by Giulia Enders

If you follow me on social media or are signed up to receive exclusive email content from me (if not, ensure you don’t miss out in future - click below!), you will know why I love this book.

Your gut is at the epicentre of your wellbeing and this book explains in a really simple way exactly why, by covering everything from the structure of the gut, to topics like food intolerance (another huge interest of mine).

I’ve understood the importance of gut health for a long time now and have poured hours into learning more about it, but no other resource that I have come across has been as useful as this book.

I grabbed an extra copy of this book with my latest amazon order to giveaway to one of you.


Also on the topic of gut health are probiotics. I’ve been taking probiotics for years to keep my immune system (as well as other systems relating to the gut) in check.

I’ve teamed up with my friends at BioKult to offer a generous supply of their Advanced Multi-Strain Formula Probiotics.

Fitness DNA Test

Despite still being somewhat on the fence about the usefulness of fitness and nutrition DNA testing overall, I definitely found some use in taking one of these tests myself. I learnt a lot from the testing process and from reading up on my results. I even had a few reassurances where my training programme was concerned.

While the results are by no means prescriptive, it can definitely raise your awareness of various aspects of your health and fitness.

Thanks to Fitness Genes for providing a DNA analysis kit for the lucky winner!

Collagen supplements

I recently wrote a simple yet comprehensive guide to collagen. While I don’t consider collagen supplements by any means essential, the weeks spent writing this guide were really beneficial to my understanding of our skin’s structure and how our tissues are affected by aging and other lifestyle factors. Plus I discovered one of the tastiest supplements that I’ve ever come across...

I’ve teamed up with my friends at Works With Water to include a month’s supply of my favourite collagen supplement, help: beautify skin, in this giveaway bundle.

Compression tights

I love that high-performance, technical activewear is increasingly available, and I particularly like compression clothing for its ability to improve circulation and reduce muscular damage.

Realising that there was a lot of missing and misleading information around performance compression clothing, I wrote two articles last year: an Essential Guide to Compression Sportswear, and an in-depth round up of a few pairs of compression tights leading the market.

There was a huge amount of interest around these articles, so I thought it was about time that I gave you a chance to get your hands on some of this tech for yourself!

I’m giving away a pair of mid-rise compression tights thanks to 2XU and some compression calf tights thanks to SKINS.


Protein has been a huge talking point over the past couple of years, with protein powders becoming more mainstream and more women taking them.

Last year, I wrote two comprehensive guides to protein: Protein for Women, and Protein Supplements for Women, which I’m thrilled that you’ve found useful. I’d love if you would keep sharing these guides so that you can help other people take control of their diet and health!

I have been consuming protein shakes for years now, and they have really helped me to ensure I have a balanced macronutrient intake, an optimal caloric intake, and to help my muscles recover and grow.

While I have sampled products from other brands, I repurchase Impact Whey Isolate from MyProtein time and time and time again.

Thanks to MyProtein for sending 1kg of my favourite flavour, Chocolate Smooth, plus a handy shaker, to include in the prize.


Another supplement that had a really pivotal role in my health journey is ZMA. When I started taking this, I saw huge improvements in my sleep and recovery, and still purchase it time and time again. If you want to know more, read my complete Guide to ZMA for Women.

Thanks to my friends at MyProtein for providing a supply for this giveaway.

Omega 3s

Omega 3s are a really important nutrient with anti-inflammatory properties that we typically do not get enough of in a western diet.

I’ll be writing a guide to omegas soon as they are something that I always recommend people incorporate into their supplement stack.

I’ve been supplementing my omega 3 intake for years, but struggled to find a product that I felt was good quality and that didn’t irritate my stomach. Finally, I discovered Love Life Supplements Omega 3 Max and haven’t looked back!

Huge thanks to Love Life Supplements for offering up a supply for this giveaway.

Nutrient powders

While I love eating my fruit and veg, there are days that I feel that I can fall short on a decent intake, or times that I just feel I need an added boost.

Nutrient powders have become really popular but I have to say, I am pretty unmotivated to drink some of the grim green concoctions floating around on the market.

Since the product launched, I’ve been really liking Primal Reds from Love Life Supplements. As well as boosting my nutrient intake, I find that drinking this in the evening really helps me to sleep, thanks to the montmorency cherry in the blend.

Love Life Supplements have also provided a tub of Primal Reds to add to this awesome giveaway bundle!

Fruit teas

I have never been a tea of coffee drinker, but over the past year I have finally learned to adjust my palate to the flavours of fruit and herbal teas.

My new found love of beautiful fruity tea blends has helped me to make better beverage choices, no longer opting for sugary juices and hot chocolates whenever I frequent a cafe (which is quite a lot). Plus, I have really started to enjoy the calming ritual of making tea in the evening, especially my favourite night time blend from Pukka!

Time to Enter!

To enter this giveaway and be in with the chance of winning all of these amazing healthy goodies, head over to my Instagram profile (@theblondeethos), find the picture from this article (above) and follow the simple instructions on the post!

I'll be selecting a winner at random on 10th May so hurry up and get those entries in!

Note: due to the shipping and service restrictions on some of these items, this giveaway is open to UK residents only.