MaxiNutrition Cyclone Milk Review


As I recently published a post taking a pretty in-depth look at creatine, I thought it would be the perfect time to review a creatine product. And what better than MaxiNutrition Cyclone Milk*, which boasts the world’s first patent pending creatine delivery system?!

I first learned of this product when I visited the GSK Human Performance Lab last year around the time that this product was launched, and Maximuscle rebranded to MaxiNutrition. Having now tried it for myself, I can give you a full low-down...

Nutritional Information + Ingredients

Each 330ml bottle of Cyclone Milk contains 201 calories, including 30g of protein, 3g of creatine, 16g of carbohydrate and no fat.

Firstly, the drink is a great source of protein. The Max Pro protein blend offers 30g protein, which is a good amount to consume post-training.

Secondly, the drink is fat-free, which contributes to quicker digestion and uptake of nutrients into your muscles post-training.

Thirdly, the drink is a source of carbohydrates which are important to consume after a hard workout. However, 15g of sugar is considerably more than I would usually consume when mixing my go-to whey isolate with water.

A couple of other ingredients that I’m not so excited to see in the drink are sucralose and carrageenan. Sucralose is an artificial sweetener, which I personally prefer to avoid, and carrageenan is an ingredient used in many processed foods as a stabiliser. While carrageenan is naturally occurring (it’s extracted from red seaweed), it has no nutritional value but has been associated with a variety of health issues as it is inflammation-causing.

Finally though, the star of the show: creatine. The MaxiNutrition ‘Cyclone' sub-brand is a range including creatine in its products, a supplement known to increase the body’s performance capability, giving high intensity exercisers the ability to train harder, in short successive bursts. You can read my more detailed post on creatine, here.

What’s particularly unique about Cyclone Milk is that is it the first ever ready-to-drink protein milk to boast liquid creatine.

Patent Pending Technology

Creatine is most stable in its solid form and is known to be unstable in a solution, degrading in creatinine. Because of this, liquid creatine drinks have not previously (successfully) existed in the sports supplement market. Cyclone Milk is the world’s 1st patent pending creatine milk delivering 3g creatine. Exciting stuff!

Chris Harrison, GSK Scientist and creator of Cyclone Milk said:

“This has been two years in the making and the research we have done into stabilising creatine in liquid is extensive. I managed to stabilise creatine in a milk format by using the natural protective properties of whey and milk proteins. It’s a great achievement for me and for the team at GSK who have worked on this.”

Taste + Texture

This drink is lovely! The texture is really light and smooth, which makes it super easy to drink. The strawberry flavour that I tried is really nice and tastes quite natural, whereas a lot of ready-to-drink shakes tend to taste overpowering and artificial. The same goes for the sweetness; not overpowering or noticeably artificial tasting as I find with other drinks of this nature.


The price of this drink is £3.49.

I estimate the cost of the usual whey isolate and creatine monohydrate that I pop in a tub in my gym bag to be around 58p per serving (78p if you include a scoop of glutamine and a fun size pack of Haribo for some sugar, to bring the nutritional profile more inline with that of Cyclone Milk).

So, Cyclone Milk doesn’t come cheap!

However, it’s worth considering that MaxiNutrition products are made by GSK Consumer Healthcare, so the products are absolutely backed by science. I’ve personally had a behind-the-scenes peek of some of the R+D behind Maxi’s products (check out my post on the GSK HPL lab). MaxiNutrition also strictly monitor the quality of their products.

Although this goes some way to justify the price point, it doesn’t make the product any more affordable (especially on my current student budget!), so I personally wouldn’t purchase it regularly. However, if I’m training and haven’t got my usual post-workout mix of powders with me, I would absolutely consider grabbing one of these drinks rather than going without a post-workout recovery shake.


My Verdict

Although MaxiNutrition recommend consuming Cyclone Milk ‘as a snack’, I personally wouldn’t reach for it at any time other than post-workout.

I’d only purchase this product a bit of a treat or in an ‘emergency' when I have no other post-workout shake to hand. I wouldn’t purchase or consume this product regularly due to the price point and the fact that it contains ingredients such as carrageenan, which I would prefer to avoid. 

Overall, this drink was tasty and I really love the convenience of the shake.