Profile Protein Whey Protein Shot Review

Profile Protein Whey Protein Shot Review

Update: Profile Protein no longer appear to be trading.

The Concept

Profile Protein launched last year with a really unique concept: a protein shot, not shake. This is something that I’ve never seen done before, but it makes so much sense!

Essentially, Profile Protein want to make it as convenient as possible for people to recover from exercise. Sometimes gulping down 400ml of other products after an intense training session isn’t the easiest on the stomach and can leave you feeling full and uncomfortable, so I think that this concept is amazing.

The shaker is really lovely too. It looks gorgeous, feels great to hold, and is obviously super-convenient to pop in a bag given its size.

Profile Protein Whey Protein Shot Nutritional Information

Nutritional Information + Ingredients

Profile Protein try to keep ingredients to a minimum and their protein shots contain a maximum of five ingredients:
Whey protein concentrate (incl. Soya Lecithin), Flavouring, Sucralose, Natural Colour (Strawberry & Raspberry Blend).

Each serving contains 96 calories, including around 19g of protein, 1g fat and 1g carbs. That’s pretty impressive for a shot!

Taste + Texture

There are four available flavours: chocolate, vanilla, raspberry and strawberry. I have tried them all and can attest to their deliciousness. In flavour, they reminded me of the Petit Filous fromage frais that I used to adore. The shots were sweet, but not overly so, and the flavours tasted really natural.

Profile Protein shots require just 55ml of water to mix 25g protein powder. This may sound like a miniscule amount of water, but the mixability is incredible and I’ve always experienced a smooth texture. Using such a small amount of water with other products would leave you with nothing more than a paste.

I definitely give my seal of approval on taste + texture!

Protein Protein Shot


500g bags of Profile Protein shot powder are £16.99 (or £19.99 if you want to add a shaker). With 20 servings per bag, that works out around 85p per serving - not bad at all!

The Verdict

I really like the product. Ideally, I'd love to see whey isolate instead of whey concentrate, and a natural sweetener rather than sucralose in the ingredinets list. Overall though, it’s tasty and convenient, without compromising on the all-important protein quantity.

Occasionally I’ve found the little shaker a little difficult to drink out of; it’s too tiny to have a spout like a standard protein shaker so you have to remove the whole lid. This isn’t ideal when you’re drinking on-the-go, but then, with a quick shot, this isn’t a big issue.

What I love about the company itself is that the brains behind Profile Protein are a lovely husband and wife team based in Cambridge (my hometown!) who and conscious about what ingredients go into our bodies and ensure that their products are made in small batches, with lots of care.

Definitely the kind of brand that I want to have in my supplements cupboard!

Love Life Supplements Primal Power Review


The Concept

Primal Power is a whey protein powder also containing healthy fats. It’s a really unique product within the sports nutrition industry, and one that I love.

The product was designed with a paleo diet in mind, something that LLS founder Ben Law passionately follows. However, there are lots of other people, like me, who would find massive benefits in taking it.

Like all of the Love Life Supplements products, this is produced to really high quality standards, in the UK.

Nutritional Information + Ingredients

A typical serving contains 215 calories, including 20g protein, 10g fat, 6.6g carbohydrates (only 2.5g sugar) and a brilliant 9.2g fibre.

The proteins in this drink are a standard blend used in many sports supplements. It’s the additional ingredients that make this product really unique.

Medium Chain Triglycerides

The fat content of the shake comes from the addition of MCTs, which are derived from coconuts.

MCTs are metabolised in a different way to most fats as they are sent directly to your liver where they are immediately converted into energy.

MCTs are really easily digested and are so tolerable, in fact, that they are often used in medically treating people who are unable to digest other types of fats well.

LLS also sell MCT oil, which is great for adding to smoothies or making bulletproof coffee.

Flax Seeds

As well as being a great source of fibre, flax seeds contain one of the richest sources of the plant-based omega 3 fatty acids, alpha-linolenic acid (ALA).


Fructooligosaccharides are considered a soluble dietary fibre, and are used in Primal Power for their prebiotic effect. Essentially, they are the food for ‘good bacteria’, which is great news for your gut!

Digestive Enzyme Complex

The digestive enzymes in Primal Power include amylase, protease, lipase and lactase for aiding digestion of carbohydrates, protein, fats and lactose.

Natural sweetener

Unlike many protein powders that are full of artificial sweeteners, typically sucralose, LLS use stevia to sweeten Primal Power for a really natural taste. Read my post on the benefits of stevia


Taste + Texture

Primal Power is available in two flavours: chocolate and vanilla. Both taste deliciously natural and a lot like drinking ice cream.

A serving of Primal Power is 50g of the powder. This is quite a large serving size considering that the average for a regular protein shake tends to be around 25g-35g, but the mixability is brilliant and the shake is always amazingly silky smooth and easy to drink.


The RRP for a 1.5kg tub of Primal Power is £39.95 on the LLS website, although it is often cheaper.

It is very hard to compare the price to other protein powders as it isn’t an ordinary whey protein powder by any means.

While I would say that it isn’t cheap, I would absolutely advocate that it offers value for money.


My Verdict

I love this product. It’s truly unique and it’s great to know that it is made in the UK with the finest natural ingredients. As well as the use of MCTs, Primal Power contains plenty of ingredients to aid your digestive health, something that I’m really passionate about.

I think this protein is perfect to take first thing in the morning. I always have protein after waking up, with breakfast, and Primal Power has become one of my favourite options. The fats are great for giving you energy to take on the day.

To be honest though, Primal Power is great taken at any time of day, whenever you need a boost. Ordinarily, I try and avoid consuming fats immediately post-workout with my protein shake as they slow digestion, but MCTs are different in this respect and are perfectly fit for purpose here!

Despite this, I would probably only consume Primal Power once a day due to the fact that I get plenty of healthy fats elsewhere in my diet, and the fact that is isn’t incredibly affordable, although it is definitely value for money.