TBE Honesty

I’m passionate about recommending products and services and sharing information that genuinely contributes to a fit + healthy lifestyle. I write all content with the intent for it to be truly beneficial to the readers of The Blonde Ethos.

Occasionally I am gifted products or services. Items marked with an asterisk (*) indicate that I have received this product/service complimentarily, or in some situations may have been paid by the brand to help me to invest time in trialling, researching and writing about the product/service. 

However, I pride myself on honesty, so nothing guarantees a positive review and I will not accept or endorse products that I do not feel are suitable for feature on The Blonde Ethos. I won't feature products that I would not have ordinarily bought or used myself, and for this reason I decline more opportunities than I accept.

From time to time I may install advertisements or use affiliate links. 

I do not currently accept guest posts as I want this blog to remain authentic and true to My Ethos. 

Health + Fitness Advice

The health, fitness and nutritional information on The Blonde Ethos is not intended to take the place of medical advice from a healthcare professional. 

While I put a lot of effort into researching and sharing what I believe to be useful information and have had the pleasure of working with many healthcare professionals, I am not one myself.